viernes, octubre 21, 2005


HI EVERYBODY!!!!WOW, I have so much AWESOME news this month I don't know where to begin! BUTWAIT!!!! We have lots of NEWCOMERS to the mailing list this month. (You all knowwho you are) So if you will please join me in giving all of them a WARMWELCOME! You are hereby OFFICIAL MEMBERS of the SALSA BIRD MAILING LIST (a veryPRIVILEGED & WORLD-CLASS mailing list). My name is SALSA BIRD and I'm LAPALABRA'S #1 FAN and SPOKESANIMAL; and I'm happily reporting for DUTY! Forthose of who are meeting me for the first time, I happen to be one heckuvaV.I.A. ("VERY IMPORTANT ANIMAL"). You see, I get to travel around the WORLDwith LA PALABRA and his band and keep all of his MAGNIFICENT & SUPPORTIVE FANSup-to-date on the latest and greatest LA PALABRA 4-1-1. Yes, that's right, sofrom now on you will be receiving my EARTH-SHATTERING/WORLD-TURNING newsbulletins and e-mails announcing LA PALABRA'S live performances, television andmotion picture appearances and general SALSA ROMANTICA-related parties & celebrations.Now, I just know all you LOVELY LADIES are wondering if I'm just as UNBELIEVABLYHANDSOME as I sound - and well, not to be full of myself or anything, but yes, Iam INDEED JUST THAT CUTE! See for yourself. I posted my most MODEST (uhum)picture on LA PALABRA'S website. (Yeah, LA PALABRA was nice enough to devote aspecial section on his website to ME) and I happen to have my own E-MAILaccount. But shhh....this is a very TOP-SECRET e-mail address.... aside fromyou guys, only the C.A.I.A. (Central Animal Intelligence Agency) and my ownpersonal entourage have the information to access it. Here' the secret: you caneither go to my webpage and clickon my picture OR you can e-mail me at this address......drum roll please! now that you've met me, without further ado, here's the LA PALABRA 4-1-1:DUST OFF your DANCING SHOES and get ready for two VERY SPECIAL LIVE PERFORMANCESin LOS ANGELES. 1.) WEDNESDAY, October 26: A special performance celebrating the LATINOINTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and ESTRENO MAGAZINE taking place at "1638 LasPalmas Avenue" in Los Angeles. 1638 Las Palmas was formerly occupied by LeducRestaurant and is located just 1/2 a block south of Hollywood Blvd - just eastof Highland. SHOW will begin at 9:00PM. For more information on the festival,visit FRIDAY, October 28: "DANCE DOWNTOWN" A special performance at the LosAngeles MUSIC CENTER Plaza (a.k.a. Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County)located at 135 North Grand Avenue in downtown L.A., 90012. Cross streets areFirst and Temple. This special moonlight performance will kick off with abeginner dance lesson at 6:30PM. (First come first served.) SHOW will begin at7:00PM. For more information go to You also can OR call 213.972.3660. Last, I'd like to give a special "whistleout" to of my friends over in SantaMonica who are involved with the theatrical production, "The Night of the BlackCat." Go break some legs!! This is SALSA BIRD officially signing off for now... SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! SALSA BIRD~For more information on LA PALABRA and his music, feel free to check out hiswebsite at

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