lunes, diciembre 19, 2005


HI EVERYBODY!!!First, because it's that magical heart-felt time of the year during which weyearn to be with our families and loved ones and share in the joy and the spiritof the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR, I'd like to wish each and every one ofyou a super fragilistic-expialidocious Winter Holiday!! Many fans have been asking when La Palabra is going to resume his publicperformance schedule. Palabra wanted me to tell you that he is moved by yoursupport and enthusiasm and is anxious to hit the stage again soon! He iscurrently involved in the scoring of TWO films: "The Lima Chronicles" and"Delusions of Grandeur." Production on both films is expected to begin inspring of 2006. We’ll be holding casting calls for both - so for those of youwho are aspiring actors, stay tuned for casting call details!! Also, La Palabra just recently joined the cast of the musical production, "TheOrishas Are Coming to America" as Musical Director and Showrunner. More detailsabout the production will follow. My BIGGEST news though comes straight from COLOMBIA!!! My buddy, “Caracara,”(one of Colombia's most popular birds) told me that the #1 MOST REQUESTEDROMANTIC SALSA SONG on the Colombian airwaves is "El Tun Tun de Tu Corazon" byLa Palabra. Vaya, La Palabra is burning his way across the world!! (BTW - forall you die-hard dancers, La Palabra told me that to really groove to "El TunTun" you must dance it on the 2!) Just in case you don't already have a copy of La Palabra's most recent CD,BREAKTHROUGH, feel free to check it out online at;; and/or Signing off for now~SALSA BIRD

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