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Norman Hedman and Tropique

After accumulating much of his own material, Norman Hedman founded Tropique in 1995. His percussion instruments continue to lend themselves to Latin jazz and island flavors.  This dance-based genre makes use of timbales, cowbells and congas.   Even though several band members play horns, the focus is on percussion.

Hedman and his accomplices captured the attention of the Recording Academy in recent years on two albums. "Taken By Surprise" and "Healing Hands" were both on the nomination list for a GRAMMY (r) Award.

Hedman Defies Boundaries of Musical Categories
Chances are if you migrate to more than just one musical genre, then you will love Norman Hedman. A world-class conguero since the early 1980s, the rhythms of studio extraordinaire, Norman Hedman, cross breezy island grooves infused with Latin jazz traditions. Often times, Hedman's music is also characterized as 'world' or 'alternative' music.  "That's what Tropique is all about - a lot of different styles rolled into one," Hedman says with excitement. New and inventive concepts, clean, tight lines and original compositions are now his irresistible hallmark of success.

It's difficult to put Hedman's music into just one category, yet he has not abandoned his heritage.  Hedman maintains the rhythmic value of Latin music. "I'm a player first. I like rhythms and melodies," he remarked. There is no doubt Norman sets the pace for Latin induced rhythms.

Traditional Instruments Used in Non-Traditional Ways
Although Tropique's rhythmic structure is considered typical Latin, they do not play in the tradition of Latin.  Hedman presents his music in a different way.  RNB is at the core of his music's influence on bass and vocals.  Inside a composition, the percussive parts continue to carry a traditional approach to tropical music with Latin sensibilities.  This unconventional fusion of multi-cultural rhythmic structures earns Norman Hedman even broader appreciation.  As a result of his association with great jazz artists, and through his own use of the rhythmic and harmonic influences from Africa, Hedman brings the non-traditional use of Afro-Latin idioms together, yet expresses it with a fresh twist.  Clearly, this Latin jazz band sets the standard in exciting performances and ground breaking recordings.
Norman Hedman's music makes you feel good. Imagine blue skies, and a music that enables you to forget your troubles and release stress. Not only did Hedman identify a multi-genre music void with tropical influences, but he continually delivers quality music for the masses. Through focus, determination, and teamwork, Hedman found his passion and built a business around it.

Before forming Tropique in 1995, Hedman found work as a studio musician after leaving the military service. For two years while in the service, Hedman played with the Third U.S. Army Soldier Show in South Carolina. And just one year prior to entering the military, Hedman graduated from Brooklyn College with a business major in marketing.

Guilty By Association
Over the past 25 years, Norman Hedman has worked with many world-class artists in the multiple genres listed below:

Arturo Sandoval; Nancy Wilson; Bobby Watson; Grady Tate; Pat Martino; Chico and Vaughn Freeman; Arthur Blythe; George Cables; John Hicks; Gary Bartz; Ahmad Alladeen; Giovannie Hidalgo; Hilton Ruiz; Arthur Blythe, Horacee Arnold; Airto Moreira; Monguito Santamaria; Delmar Brown; Lew Soloff and Marcus Miller.

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