viernes, febrero 19, 2010


Descargando los Bongos, Willie Rodriguez y Ray Barreto....!!Los Muchachos Locos!!

The Grand Award Record Label was formed in 1955 in Harrison, New Jersey. The President of the label was orchestra leader Enoch Light. The label produced pop, jazz and gospel music. The subsidiary labels were Audition, Colortone, Command Performance and Waldorf Music Hall. Grand Award and all of it's subsidiary labels were acquired by Am-Par Record Corporation in October 1959. ABC-Paramount continued to use the Grand Award label sporadically at least to 1966. Enoch Light was head of A&R for Grand Award after the purchase by Am-Par.
Bongos - Los Muchachos Locos [1960] Stereo release 252 SD. In My Solitude/Love Walked In/Get Out of Town/Cocktails For Two/Shadrack/Just a Gigolo/Stormy Weather/Night and Day/You Turned the Tables on Me/Pagan Love Long/And the Angels Sing/Summertime 

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