sábado, enero 24, 2009


1973, prensado en suecia, Afro Funk / Afro Beat / Afro Jazz Fusion, European Grooves, Hard-Bop

martin cohen loves latin percussion
wounded knee
afro temple
all camels hump
hotel alyssa-sousse, tunisia .
para ti, tito rodriguez.
my son johhny and me
my christina


sabu martinez (bongos, congos, bukoba, talking drums, tympani, gong, all sounds and percussion effects), stephen moller (drums), ali lundbohn (drums), johnny martinez (congas), per-arne almeflo (congas), bo osten svensson (congas), conny lundstrom (congas), peter perlowsky (extra percussion), margarita martinez (added chorus), christina martinez (added chorus), bernt rosengren (tenor sax piccolo flute), christer boustedt (alto sax flute), red mitchell (bass)

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