viernes, agosto 24, 2012


Taken By Surprise
Norman Hedman’s Tropique
(Palmetto – 2000)
Músicos: Norman Hedman, composer, leader, congas. Roger Byam, saxophone. A.J. Mantis, vibes. Craig Rivers, flute. Ron Monroe, bass and kalimba. Willie Martinez, timbales. Misha Tsyganov, piano.

1. That Unpredictable Eugene
2. Pa' Bailar
3. Taken by Surprise
4. Rudy's Mambo
5. Felicidad
6. Soft Serenade
7. Can't Sell a Secret
8. Light at the End of the Tunnel
9. The One Left Behind
10. Just for Ruby
11. Maurice
12. Rags to Riches
13. The Message

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